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American International Group, INC (AIG) is one the top global providers of insurance and financial service. With business operations in 130 countries, AIG is the biggest global provider of insurance. AIG had made a name for itself by working with businesses and individuals in supplying their property-casualty insurance and life insurance. Beyond their leading role as an insurance provider, AIG doubles as a leader in retirement finance services. AIG is publicly traded on the NYSE and is also listed in the cities of London, Paris, and Tokyo. According to statistics released by Forbes in 2000, AIG is the fourth biggest company on the planet.

AIG's life insurance coverage is the most popular such service in the world. Overall, they serve millions of clients in over 130 different countries. AIG has been able to develop this extensive network by focusing its attention on establishing new markets, developing new policy offerings, and digging deeper into already established distribution channels. In the United States, AIG features its very popular Retirement Services. The company is currently expanding that service in other countries throughout the world.

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Of the many services that AIG provides, its Asset Management Group is one of the most popular. This business incorporates both institutional and retail asset service, as well as offering private banking service. AIG's primary focus, however, is in helping people with their investments. They feature a number of highly valuable investment networking contracts. Because AIG possesses such an advanced working knowledge of the different markets throughout the world, businesses are constantly looking to get a firm hold on their services.

To evidence its commitment to expanding current markets, AIG has also taken an interest in aircraft and equipment leasing service. On top of that, the Financial Services portion of the company has the ability to exploit capital markets and deal with customers on their finance needs. This is all done in addition to the comprehensive insurance business that continues to be a world leader. By utilizing the AIG insurance network, all of these other company businesses are able to take advantage of excellent opportunities.

One of the best things about AIG is that it has the ability to succeed on both the local level and the global scene. This is something this is relatively unrivaled within the business. With over 65 million customers, the company is always looking for excellent opportunities to bring to its customers. This is why AIG has consistently found itself on the top of various business listings. The commitment to customers and ability to uphold the company's lofty standards has become a staple of AIG.

How does AIG go about keeping up with that large network of global customers? They employ almost three quarters of a million agents and specialized brokers, who are all dedicated to keeping up with the fluid customer base. In addition to that, AIG reaches out to its customers with a number of other methods. That, in itself, is one of the primary good qualities of the company. They have shown the ability to consistently figure out new ways to keep in touch with their customers. They have a dedicated research department which always kicks in updates on how current customers would like to be reached. This has helped AIG transition from a world of snail mail to one where email is a primary mode of communication. Because AIG is so dependent upon good timing and getting their stuff out on time, they have spent millions of dollars developing new ways to make that process more efficient. This extends to the insurance side of the AIG equation, too, as many of their companies have set up web capability for handling insurance requests.

AIG is the world's foremost international insurance provider and a top seller of financial service to many of the world's most important companies. AIG's commitment to industrial insurance in the United States has not ceased, as the company is still the biggest underwriter of insurance policies in that category in the country. In the United States, AIG also features a company called American General Finance. Through that company and AIG's retirement service (SunAmerica), the company has established itself as a business super power capable of taking on all jobs.

Another very important aspect of AIG's plan is the underwriting of profit. This means that they work closely with other business to take the money of those businesses and invest it wisely in order to make a profit. This was done in accordance with Greenberg's plan, as he believed that it was an essential way to make money for an insurance agency.

AIG has seen its share of legal troubles in the last few years. They were investigated closely in 2004 and were forced to pay because of a violation. In 2005, they came under fire for accounting fraud. This cost the company almost $58 billion.

AIG Insurance History

AIG has been around for nearly 100 years, as it was created way back in 1919 by a man named Edwin Cornelius Vander Starr. Mr. Starr started his business in Shanghai, China as he was the first man from the western world to sell insurance services to the people of China. Once he saw great success in that area, he expanded the service to other places throughout the world.

One of the company's most important moments occurred in 1962, when Starr shifted the management of his highly unsuccessful U.S. holdings to a man named Hank Greenberg. Greenberg took measures to rectify the situation and shifted the overall focus of the company. He made the fundamental change from personal insurance focus to putting the emphasis on corporate insurance coverage. He also shifted from using agents to using independent insurance brokers, which helped him keep profit margins up. Because he chose to use brokers instead of agents, the company was able to keep the prices of their policies up even when sales were struggling. Obviously, Greenberg saw much success with the U.S. holdings group and when Starr was ready to retire in 1968, he named Greenberg as his replacement. Not long after in 1969, the group went public and has since seen a great deal of success. Greenberg went on to serve as the company's CEO until 2005, when he resigned.

One of the most important days in the company's history occurred on April 6, 2006, when the company announced its partnership with English football power Manchester United. That team is one of the best and most popular in the world, so AIG became their shirt sponsor. This was a major step in marketing for the global power and pushed them to even greater heights.

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