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Company Overview

InsureMe provides customers with a free service to help them connect with the best insurance policy or discount program for their needs. We were founded in 1993, and since that time we have worked hard to help save our customers money, effort, and time when they are shopping for insurance policies. We are not an insurance company or agent. We do not provide insurance plans or discount program quotes directly to our customers. We provide our customers with insurance quotes that come from the insurance companies who are competing for their business and best match their insurance requirements.

We grow our customer base through word of mouth advertising, which means that when our customer are happy with our service, they tell their friends and family about what we offer. We strive to provide our customers with the best service they have ever had, so that they will tell their friends and family about us and drive more business to our site. We do not rely on any form of misleading internet advertising, such as spam emails or pop-up ads, because we are confident that our customers will find our services helpful enough to tell others about them. We also protect our customer's information carefully. Our Privacy Statement and Terms & Conditions documents outline the measures we take to protect client information.

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Company History

InsureMe began in 1993 when Tim McTavish, an insurance agent, felt that there had to be a better way to bring customers who were shopping for insurance to the insurance professionals who were selling the products they needed. He created a lead generator that brings together industry professionals with consumers. Soon the internet became something used by nearly everyone, and this increased InsureMe's business. Today, InsureMe is one of the premier providers of insurance referrals on the internet.

InsureMe has made its mark because of our focus on quality customer service. Our staff is always willing and ready to answer questions, whether a customer needs help filling out insurance information or is interested in partnering with us by becoming an agent or an affiliate for our company. We frequently survey our customers, and the survey results indicate that having a Customer Relationship Manager on staff makes the difference between highly satisfied customers and unsatisfied customers.

As our company grows, we expect to see increased growth through our website referral program. In 2005 we brought in $15 million in company revenues. These numbers typically indicate the strength and growth of a company. This was a 30% increase over 2004, indicating a steady growth for our company. In 2005 we were also able to keep our profit history steady, and we have been profitable every year since we began in 1993.

Part of what has fueled our steady growth is a significant increase in the amount of requests we get from our customers for online insurance quotes. In 2005 we received over 1 million quote applications. This was a 200% increase over the numbers from 2001. We were able to match each applicant with an average of 2.7 insurance agents who could meet their needs. This was yet another increase over 2004. The matching rate increased by 25%. InsureMe founder and CEO, Tim McTavish felt that 2005 was one of the best years the company had experienced up until that date. He went on to say that he felt that this growth was an indication that people were able to find the right insurance through the services of the site. According to McTavish the coming years would bring continued growth. We are currently planning to enhance the services we offer so that our customers, agents, and affiliates get the best possible care. We have also increased our staff by 33% to handle this amazing growth. We have grown from 40 employees to 53 in just one year, and we will continue to hire more employees as needed.

Company Values

InsureMe was founded on specific values that have fueled our company through our tremendous growth. These values are love, integrity, leadership, and innovation. Each of these has become an integral part of our company culture.

We build relationships with our fellow employees and our customers, treating each with respect and dignity. Our customers are not used to receiving "love" from companies in the insurance field. We feel this is our most important value, and we want our customers to feel loved when they deal with us.

We also work hard to show integrity in every aspect of our business. We keep our word and behave in an ethical manner. If we make a mistake, we admit to it. We understand that we must earn the trust of our customers, and we do so through dependable, accurate, and timely service. We also strive to protect our customers' personal information and assets.

We believe that true leadership comes through service. We work to educate and equip each other so that we all are striving towards our full potential, thus propelling our company to greater growth. By serving one another we are able to discover and use the talents of those we work with and help each person to reach his or her full potential. This positive energy is directed towards our customers.

We also strive towards innovative thinking in every aspect of our business. We utilize the latest technology and implement innovative customer service techniques. In this way, we are able to improve our customers' experience from start to finish.

Facts and Figures

InsureMe is a network comprised of thousands of insurance providers that offer insurance across America. We instruct our customers to fill in an online form, and then our innovative system automatically matches their information with insurance or discount providers that fit their needs and are located in the customers' areas. The system will display the agents or companies that are match. The things that affect which insurance providers will be a match for a given customer include the type of insurance the customer wants, the customer's location, and any existing insurance carriers.

InsureMe is unique because it is not an insurance company. We offer customers a free referral service. However, this means that we do not address any problems that may occur between the insurance provider and the customer. We also do not have the phone numbers for any specific insurance company's claims department. We are not affiliated with any insurance companies, but we work with agents that represent thousands of insurance companies and discount programs. What we offer is a free online quote service from these representatives. To get a quote, all a customer has to do is fill in the Get a Quote form or call 800-INSURE-ME (800-467-8736).

It can take up to 48 hours for the quotes to be delivered to our customers, because once a customer has filled in the application, we forward the information to the insurance representatives in our system. At the end of the application process, each customer is given the name and contact information of these insurance providers. If a customer wants to contact the insurance provider directly without waiting for a quote, this contact information makes it possible.

Sometimes a customer's information will not match any of the agents that are part of the InsureMe site. When this happens, InsureMe is unable to help that particular customer. It could happen because of rate restrictions placed on some insurance products or a moratorium that has been placed on certain products by a chosen insurance company. InsureMe deletes the customer's information from the system when this occurs.

Shopping for Auto Insurance with InsureMe

While InsureMe works with all types of insurance, many customers come to our site seeking auto insurance. InsureMe works to help our customers find the best auto insurance policies. Our service is free, and it is fast and simple as well. It starts with a customer entering his or her information to be instantly being matched to the companies that have the best rate for them. The customer will also receive up to five free insurance rate quotes. This allows the customer to comparison shop, thus saving money on premiums.

Throughout this process, we carefully protect the personal information our customers entrust with us. We use the highest internet security levels possible, and we never spam our customers. We also never sell our customers' information to third parties. There is nothing to fear when using InsureMe. If you are ready to start saving money, don't wait any longer. Use our free service to find the perfect auto insurance policy today!

InsureMe is a registered trademark of InsureMe. InsureMe is not affiliated with, nor does it endorse or sponsor, the contents of this webpage or the website. Trademarks referring to specific providers are used by for nominative purposes only: to truthfully identify the source of the products about which information is provided. Such trademarks are solely the property of their respective owners.

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2 Customer Reviews
I use Insureme for all of my insurance quote needs. Although they pass the lead on to insurance agents and brokers, quotes were sent to my email address in minutes. Plus Insureme was competitive with esurance and X....
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Erika B.
I found insureme by accident and researched rates for auto insurance. My findings were astonishing. And just minutes before renewing with a company I have not been happy with for quite some time. ALLSTATE quoted me $200.00 less than my current company. WOW, that's a great feeling.
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